Thursday, April 13, 2017

Edge is finally worth using ...

I got the Windows 10 Creators Update this morning. One of the touted benefits is a new & better version of Edge. So far (1 day's use), it seems to be living up to the promise. 

I haven't had a single "recovering web page" or "web page not responding" error today. 

They have a MUCH larger suite of extensions available. I particularly like the "Page Analyzer" tool.

They've also added a "book reader' capability, and I've downloaded most of my favorite free books from their catalog (What can I say? I'm a cheap SOB...). However, their Store still sucks for searching for just books. It keeps showing games. I have no interest in games ...

I've always like Windows 10 since I started using it many months ago. The only issue for me was the lousy performance of the Edge browser.  While I've seen some issues today regarding Edge integration with Outlook (which may be a config issue on my part) I'm pleased enough I've set it back to my default browser.

If I live to regret that, I'll be posting about it again...

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