Sunday, April 16, 2017

My first Xamarin app ...

I just finished my first Xamarin app and published it to  GitHub. It can found here.

I've certainly had my issues with Xamarin. I have an earlier post that's quite a rant. It turns out that if you want to create a "library" assembly to use in a Xamarin PCL, you seem to need to create a .NET Standard 1.4 (or less?) library. Then you can reference it in a PCL assembly. Who'd a thunk it...

Nevertheless, the emulator I selected worked quite well, and didn't require any configuration - though granted my app is very tiny. This app is just a proof-of-concept app to prove the feasibility of a bigger app I'll be working on to commit to the stores.

Hopefully, my experiences with Xamarin will improve. While it's been uncomfortable, it's still a lot more successful than my even more painful experiences with Cordova and NativeScript.

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